Hey, there.

This isn’t my first post, not really. I kept another blog, elsewhere (location: Top Secret), until it was found by some sort of unsavory character and became fodder for a stalker. After two months, I still don’t know who it is. The local police in my area still don’t know what a URL is, or how to access websites, and were of no assistance. I missed writing, and I’ve always been inclined to think on paper, so, voila! A shiny new blog, free of charge, carefully separated from the past.

If you’re reading this for the first time and you realize my word choice sounds familiar to a currently defunct blog elsewhere on the internetosphere — please, keep this our secret! If you’re a “real world” family member or friend, know that I love you, but that this part of my life isn’t something I want publicized to others I know, because of its very sensitive nature. Thanks again, future readers, and all of the best glitter to you.


~ by The Stiletto-Shod One on January 15, 2013.

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