Remember to Thank Me for Your Roads this Year

Long overdue haircut and dye. Oil change and transmission fluid exchange. Chiropractor. Credit card bill. Student loan payment. Gynecologist. Car registration. Water bill. Car insurance, renter’s insurance, hospital income insurance. Tax preparer.

Suddenly that great night I had on Monday turns into watching it all disappear, faster than I can make it.

It always seems like, when I’m making money, the money’s hot. It’s going to finally get me out of the financial disaster created by not making much in the last three weeks. Finally. A sigh of relief.

And suddenly, I’m left with the hundred bucks I always keep in my wallet, just in case, and breaking that Benjamin.

In good news: I’m $89 away from having saved five untouchable stacks in the past year towards a car someday. Someday, someday. Someday I’ll buy a car with all the ones thrown on my stage. Someday.

If the tax man doesn’t take it all, this afternoon, when I go to have my taxes prepared, that is.

I’m half tempted to cancel that appointment, in fear that everything I’ve worked for will come crumbling down around me.


~ by The Stiletto-Shod One on January 23, 2013.

One Response to “Remember to Thank Me for Your Roads this Year”

  1. Luck Miss.

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