I Fought the Pole (and the Pole Won)

Rather than brave working during a nasty snowstorm tonight, I settled on an early, fairly easy pole class and admitted to myself that we probably wouldn’t have many customers in icy, snowy weather. I set off for class, arrived two minutes late — or early, on stripper time, I guess — and quietly joined the class in warm-up drills. In the middle of loosening up hip flexors with long, sweeping kicks, I smacked my unshod foot straight into the pole.


For all of the poling I do, you think it’d be a fucking extended butterfly or a handspring mount that would get me, or maybe, maybe walking around on broken stilettos at work for a few weeks, or maybe tumbling down the stairs getting off stage while buzzed — but no. Warm-up drills. Warm-up fucking drills. I sat for five minutes and watched the class, stood and tried to put weight on it. Nope. I figured I’d let it chill, finish my warm-ups and stretching, and continue with class. Whether it was broken or not wasn’t going to change in the next hour.

Last week, I dislocated my shoulder, doing it to myself during a mild VIP dance. This week, busted foot from kicking a pole. You think I’d get hurt doing cool shit. Nope. Seriously, universe?

I sucked miserably trying to dance on one bare foot, but my hips are really starting to loosen up and move — a nice improvement over the last awkward four years of having no flow. During a tricky combination that required the use of my right foot, I let my instructor know I needed an adaption. That I might have broken my foot, but damnit, I was staying, and if I could try something else, I’d love to.

I left the studio in tears. Not because of pain; it’s mostly just stiff, swollen, and completely useless and unable to be moved.

Because, fortunately for me, my most favorite stress-relieving hobby is distance running, and my livelihood depends on my ability to stand in stilettos for nine hours at a time.

I’m having X-rays taken tomorrow.


It being my right foot, I also managed to drive through the snowstorm with my heel and make it home alive.

I’m kind of a badass, I know.


~ by The Stiletto-Shod One on January 30, 2013.

3 Responses to “I Fought the Pole (and the Pole Won)”

  1. Eeee. Hope you recover miss. Take care.

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