Spoiler Alert: It’s Broken.

The snow wasn’t going to stop until early afternoon, so I didn’t bother dragging my ass out of bed as soon as Urgent Care opened. By the time I did get up, I had to figure out how to have one bare/unshod foot in four inches of snow and ice. I balanced on a shovel down my steps to survey how much snow I needed to scrape off of my car, wearing just a flip flop on my right foot. The stinging snow was a little much, so I let the car just defrost on its own. I wound up putting on a thick sock, and covering the whole thing with Saran Wrap. That was so much more effective against the snow.

I finally made it to an Urgent care, had my foot x-ray’d. I explained to the nurse how all of this happened as he took all of the stupid measurements they always take. Dude. I came in for my toe — does it matter how tall I am? (Exactly 65.5 inches, by the way, with excellent blood pressure of 110/64, a temperature of 98.4, and 121 pounds, the picture of health save for that foot.)

I broke the joint in my pinky toe, but fortunately, nothing else. The rest is just bruised and swollen and throbby.

No running or working for at least 3-4 weeks, and I have to have x-rays again in 2-3 weeks to see if I have to go to a specialist or it’s healing on its own.

Running and glitter withdrawals begin…now.

It’s going to be a long, broke, broken three weeks.

I wonder if I can walk on my treadmill on crutches? Or if I can live vicariously through my chubby puppy that I treadmill-trained a few weeks back?  Or if I can just sprinkle glitter and dirty underwear and empty beer cans around my house and bitch about how slow it is while I read in the dark? All things to ponder today.


~ by The Stiletto-Shod One on January 30, 2013.

One Response to “Spoiler Alert: It’s Broken.”

  1. Ouch.

    Sorry to hear that miss. I don’t know what to say but I wish you good fortune, and a speedy recovery.

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