Very most favorite socks.

Very most favorite socks.

Mid-twenties stripper from the Midwestern region of the United States, working in a fully nude club often referred to as the “Dark Box” who began writing here instead of somewhere over there because her blog was found by a stalker. Two toy-sized hilarious dogchildren, happily single, would marry macaroni and cheese if given the chance. Avid competitive four-seasons distance runner, trails and roads.

Gluten intolerant. Somewhat people-intolerant. Country mouse, night owl, goldfish memory and often mistakenly thinks your name is “John.” Or “Dave.” Objects to Dworkin-style feminists, the Super Bowl, the deeply religious, far-right pundits. Draws a line between intimate sexy time and her work, which really is, honestly, dancing and listening. Punches hard and uses her stilettos as weapons when necessary.

Hopes and dreams that no one leaves booby-trap bottle caps on the floor and that she attains the ultimate Stripper Badge of being gifted a car. Keeps her bookshelf overflowing, her hair wild, only wears underwear at work, loves the desert and white condiments with all her heart but only wants brief tastes of either. Chatty and eager to learn and teach. Believes in kindness, coincidence, hard work, and rational explanations of seemingly supernatural feelings and occurrences.

Got laid off from her job in 2009, shaved her bush, and created an alter ego. When the bruises faded from the unforgiving pole, she found she liked running around in a g-string for cash and slapping misbehaving customers. Feels a strong allegiance to what she does, the women she does it with, and the men she does it for, and isn’t apologetic. Hasn’t been tricked or coerced into her job, isn’t addicted to drugs and rarely drinks, does it for the money like you do, has enough student loans, had a pleasant and privileged childhood, and can make her own decisions, thank you.

Doesn’t post nudes or face, her legal or stage name, identifying details of her whereabouts, and uses aliases liberally to protect both her privacy and the privacy of others.

Please tread carefully here. This is deeply personal space.


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